Have you ever thought about living on the Costa Brava for a while? We now present our version of teleworking... VIVICANCES!

VIVICANCES originates from the combination of live (vivir) and holidays (vacances), and represents a new kind of lifestyle:

"Living like the locals for a month or even several months in a beautiful environment, whilst still being able to telework if and when you need to."

A house in our selection "VIVICANCES" is a comfortable house, with heating and internet, well located and well equipped to spend a few months on the coast without your work suffering. Combining the necessary with the good has never been easier!

The houses are selected by our team, and we offer them at a greatly reduced price compared to the weekly rates. With the special price*, there are also two special conditions: electricity is not included (paid per kWh consumed) and we provide two sets of sheets and towels for the entire stay.

*The special prices are valid between September 15th and June 15th.