Are you looking for the best price for a holiday home on the Costa Brava? Do you have a time frame in mind, but are the actual dates flexible? Then our smart search option is perfect for you!

How does it work? On the search page when you go to fill in the travel period, check the "intelligent search" option. That gives you the opportunity to look for holiday homes for a certain period of nights within a selected time frame.

For example, if you are looking to book a holiday home on the Costa Brava for a week in July, you would select the whole month of July, check the "intelligent search" option and select 7 nights. Then click on "apply":

Smart search  

You will then see all holiday homes that are free for a week in July, so you can select the best option for you. The results always show the options that are recommended for you, but feel free to see which other options there are for each accommodation:  

Smart search results  

Wow, that's smart!

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