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Butterfly Park in Empuriabrava – Costa Brava

In Butterfly Park, in Empuriabrava (Costa Brava), you will discover the fascinating world of butterflies, parrots, and other exotic animals.

There is a greenhouse of 2,000 m2 that recreates a tropical jungle, where animals are the protagonists. You can also see the life of the butterflies close up, observing the four phases of their life cycle and discovering the great variety of species that exist. The plants are fundamental to achieve the right environment and a balanced ecological functioning.

Some of the animals you will find in this park:

  • The Attacus Atlas, one of the largest butterflies in the world. The caterpillars are green-whitish with strange smooth spines on their backs. Its most posterior feet have a bright red spot. Originally this species is from Southeast Asia.

Butterfly Park - Attacus Atlas

  • The largest pigeon in the world, the Victoria Goura, is about 74 centimeters in body length, grayish blue with an elegant blue crest, brown chest and red iris. The bird can be easily recognized by having the only white tips on its crest. They only lay one egg, which hatches after 30 days.

Butterfly Park - Goura Victoria

  • The muntjac, a ruminant native to the jungles and forests of South Asia. Its coat is soft, of a reddish brown color, that contrasts with the cream color of the ventral zone of the neck and the chin and with the legs and the forehead until the nose, of a darker brown.

Butterfly Park - Muntjac

The park can be visited either by yourself or by booking a guided tour for groups of twenty people. It is open all year, from ten o’clock in the morning until one hour before sunset.

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