Indians Fair of Begur

The Indians Fair of Begur is one of the best known festivals that take place in the summer on the Costa Brava.

It celebrates the intense relationship between Cuba and Begur, which has its origin in the emigration of many Begureans to the island throughout the 19th century. When returning to the town, those who had prospered in their businesses, built ostentatious houses. They were the popular “Americans”, who wished to recreate the lifestyle of Cuba and who left a diverse cultural legacy.

Indians Fair of Begur
Aitor Romero

The first weekend of September, Begur is transformed to relive that historical period that has left a deep mark on this town and its identity. The streets and squares of Begur host a market of overseas products, samples of crafts and musical performances. The Fair opens with the official inauguration by political authorities and people linked to the Indian world.

Indians Fair of Begur
Aitor Romero

During this festival various musical activities are scheduled. On Friday, the first day of the Fair, in the fantastic setting of the Patio de las Escuelas Viejas, each year a different star figure shines, such as Lucrecia and Chano Domínguez, among others. The Caribbean rhythms, with internationally well-known Cuban groups, such as the Machine of Taste, ensure the fun and entertainment of the most demanding public of Begur.

All this is complemented by a series of cultural activities: exhibitions, guided tours, interviews, conferences, documentaries or round tables, which analyze and disseminate this legacy of the “Americans”.

If you wish to enjoy this magical event, you can download the program of activities from the following link:

Download the program here

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