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What to see in the Costa Brava: cultural heritage

The beaches and the rich cultural heritage of the Costa Brava make this wonderful area of Catalonia one of the most popular Spanish tourist destinations. The Costa Brava & Girona have a lot to offer, so on this page we will present the most important ones. If you would like to know more alternatives, have a look at our tourist guide for the Costa Brava.

This article focuses on what to see in the Costa Brava, but Barcelona is not far away either. These are some typical visits you can do in Barcelona: the Camp Nou, Casa Milà or Gaudí Park Güell, the Sagrada Familia … All these are stops along the city tour bus. Information about the City Tour Barcelona:

Top list of things to see in the Costa Brava:

There is a lot to see in the Costa Brava, but the most famous are of course the Salvador Dalí museums. The so-called Dalí-Triangle consists of the Theater Museum in Figueres, The Púbol castle of Gala Dalí, and his house in Portlligat. A visit to the museum in Figueres is an absolute must for young and old, and for the lovers of culture and those who are not used to going to museums. For further information and bookings:

Costa Brava cultural heritage - Museo Dalí

Apart from Salvador Dalí’s museums and many others, there is a lot to see in the Costa Brava if you like cultural heritage and monuments. These are some examples:

  • The castle of Montgrí was never finished, but it is a beautiful walk up the mountain, and once you are on top, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views over the coast from l’Estartit to Pals, and the inlands. Magnificent!

Costa Brava cultural heritage - Castle of Montgrí

  • In Figueres there is a huge fortress on the hill, just outside the center of the city. It does not look that big from the outside, but you change your mind once you walk in. You can walk through the outbuildings, but the most interesting part is actually under the castle, where there are canals that you can visit and where they explain how the soldiers lived in time of siege.
  • In Ullastret is the largest Iberian settlement in Catalonia. And they have yet to uncover more secrets. Just last year they did new findings in the area. You can visit the excavation site and see the remains of houses, reservoirs, silos, temples…
  • Besalú is a beautiful medieval village towards Olot. There is a good road from Girona, so you can get here in about 20 minutes. Besalú is a lot different from the coastal towns. It is nestled between the hills of the pre-Pyrenees, and has beautiful old houses and a gorgeous bridge. There is a tourist train that does different routes, but you can also choose to walk around yourself. At the end of August there are medieval village festivals where you can immerse yourself in the Middle Ages.

Costa Brava cultural heritage - Besalú

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