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The delicious gastronomy of the Costa Brava

The delicious gastronomy of the Costa Brava is healthy and balanced, typical of the Mediterranean diet. There is a wide variety of products: fish, seafood (such as the famous prawn from Palamós), meat and also vegetables from the orchards of this area, such as the well-known rice from Pals.

Some examples of delicious dishes that are part of the cuisine of this area are:

Mar i muntanya: combination of sea products (lobster, crayfish, prawns …) with mountain products (chicken, rabbit, sausage …), all stewed with an exquisite sauce. It is a dish absolutely characteristic of this area and is very tasty.

The delicious gastronomy of the Costa Brava - Mar i muntanya

The esqueixada is one of the most popular and typical dishes of the Costa Brava. It is a cold salad whose most outstanding ingredients are: crumbled cod, green and red pepper, onions, black olives and tomato, which can be grated or cut into pieces.

The delicious gastronomy of the Costa Brava - Esqueixada

A typical dish of the gastronomy of the Costa Brava is the famous Pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato). With a trickle of olive oil and salt, it is the most popular and used recipe in Catalan cuisine.

The escalivada is another typical dish of Catalonia. The word escalivar means to roast to the embers and the noun in catalan caliu, embers. This dish is made with grilled vegetables, and it is characterized by being low in calories and has a high fiber content. You can eat on bread with tomato and add some anchovies from L’Escala, as a first course, or accompanying meats.

We can not forget the famous and rich sausages that are made in this area of Catalonia, such as the botifarra de perol, botifarra dolça, bull negre, and the famous and appetizing llonganissa.

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